Real Estate Websites That Work

WeeboWeb real estate websites have one of the most effective lead capture systems on the market. Connect with 32% more buyers and sellers for just a few dollars a month. wwIDX is one of the only Wordpress plugins available that does not use wrappers. Your IDX pages are a part of your website.

Effective Designs

WeeboWeb real estate websites are the best lead capture sites on the market. Our sites average at least 3 unobtrusive capture forms per page with an average capture rate of 1/20. The site can be tailored to focus on just buyers, just sellers or both depending on what your needs are.

More Quality Leads

WeeboWeb Websites convert traffic into leads effectively due to how the site is configured. We average at least 3 capture forms per page focusing on both buyer and seller needs.

Customizable Templates

All of our templates are 100% customizable giving you one of the best web hosted designs for real estate without paying the custom price. Build your perfect website without breaking the bank.

Rich Content

WeeboWeb real estate websites come out of the box with over 50 pages of rich content and thousands of search pages.

Mobile Friendly

Your website will look beautiful on any device. All of our websites come out of the box mobile friendly so that you can generate leads from the 40% of users that only use their mobile phones to search.

Quick Setup

Our automated setup process will have your website live in minutes. All you need to do is point your domain.

No Setup Fees

Since we usee an automated setup process to build your website, there is no need to charge setup fees. WeeboWeb will never charge you set up fees unless you choose to go with a custom website or your board requires it for IDX access.

Homepage Versions

Choose your Homepage Version before you purchase your website. There are several to choose from giving you the ability to change your homepage design in less than a minute. You can change your Homepage Version at any time using our pre-formated templates. We couldn’t have made it any easier!

Lead Capture

Your website will feature multiple capture forms and methods designed to connect you with both buyer and seller leads. Our lead capture tools are proven to capture 32% more leads.

More Quality Leads

WeeboWeb Websites convert traffic into leads effectively due to how the site is configured. We average at least 3 capture forms per page focusing on both buyer and seller needs.

Capture Buyer and Seller Leads

We build in several pages and tools designed to capture leads specifically from either buyers or sellers. This makes it easier to generate the TYPE of leads you need for your business.

CRM Lead Management

Manage all of your leads in your CRM. Follow up with your leads is the difference between more closings and missed opportunities. wwCRM makes lead management a snap.

Real Estate Leads

IDX & Map Search

The best part about WeeboWeb IDX is that it’s extremely effective at converting traffic into leads. Our websites average 3 capture forms per page, in an unobtrusive way, so that you register better quality leads.

Most Customizable IDX On The Market

WeeboWeb IDX is the most customizable IDX platform in the industry. Customize your searches to fit your target market. Customize the listings you feature, and how they display with easy to use shortcodes.

Manage Team Members and Their Listings

Add team members, combine listings and manage everything in one place.

Smart Search

Use the smart search to find properties with specific criteria. Are your clients looking for a very specific type of property? Our smart search will make finding that property a snap.

Map Search

Search properties by area on our map search. Map searches make it easier for your clients to get a visual of the area that they would like to move to. If they want to search for properties within a 5-mile radius of a prestigious school, the map search is the tool to use.

Mobile Friendly

The simple fact is that if your marketing is not mobile friendly, your losing out on 40% of your traffic. Every campaign we set up for you features mobile-friendly designs. This includes all of our social media, blogs posts, and search engine marketing. If your website visitor is on a mobile or any device, you can be sure they are having an excellent and productive user experience.

Responsive Websites are More Effective

Ensuring you have a responsive website can help you get more closings. 40% of your web traffic will be from users on smaller devices such as a tablet or mobile phone. Making sure your website is responsive will keep that 40% of mobile users on your website much longer.

All Designs Are Mobile Ready

All of our websites come out of the box responsive. They will look beautiful on any device you use.

Social Media Management

Are you having trouble managing all of your social media profiles? It’s a well-known fact that social media can generate the best leads on the internet. If you are unsure about where to start, or simply need help, WeeboWeb is ready. Check out one of our marketing packages and WeeboWeb will manage all of your social media/online accounts for you.

Regular Content Posting

Engagement with your followers is critical to generating traffic from social media. By posting solid custom content on a regular basis, you can make sure that your followers will never forget about you.

More 5 Star Reviews

Search engines put a premium on companies or agents with the most 5 star reviews. The more 5 star reviews you have, the more reputable you are considered to be.

Paid Ads

Facebook ads are one of the cheapest and most effective ways of driving traffic. We can manage your ads for you to make sure you generate consistent traffic on a regular basis. Our highly effective capture websites convert that traffic into viable leads for you on a regular basis.


Convert leads into sales with WeeboWebs’ effective follow-up and client management tools. Track your leads and client follow up from one simple to use platform.

Lead Management

Managing your leads is as important as getting the lead in the first place. WeeboWeb CRM will ensure all of your clients receive the follow up needed to convert. Easily track your lead maturation and marketing for both existing and potential clients.


Truly understand your marketing and where your leads come from so that you can maximize every penny. Track every lead to figure out which marketing sources prove most productive.

Lead Export

Export your leads to save them or input them into any existing lead management system you prefer to use. You have the choice to manage your leads in our CRM or any third party system you choose. Simply export your leads and do with them what you wish.

Mobile Friendly

Our CRM is mobile friendly and can be accessed from anywhere on your mobile phone. Track your leads on the go with WeeboWeb.

Real Estate Leads


WeeboWeb understands that YOU are your brand. We make growing your brand simple. Your clients will always receive up to date listings and marketing information. Make your website the go-to resource for real estate in your area.

Hyper Focused Branded Websites

WeeboWeb websites are designed to help you build your brand. Your logo is displayed on every page and as a preloader for each page on the site. Your logo and name will be synonymous with effective and easy real estate searches.

Social Media Branding

Is there any doubt that building a brand effectively can bring you more business. Brand your social media accounts and market your pages to get your name out there with more prospective clients on a day to day basis.

Search Engine Branding

Google offers the ability to add rich snippets and structured data to each of your pages. This allows you to make sure people see your logo and contact information when they are searching on Google.